Interactive Media Development

Effective and engaging interactive media experiences, when used correctly, will get your website noticed. Go beyond a simple XHTML and CSS website, and add content that will keep users coming back. Wow a client with an interactive presentation, or go viral with a facebook application. There really are no limits.

Web Application Development

Make your business ideas come to life online, simplify client relations, or perhaps simply make yourself more available to your clientele. Web applications can range from a simple contact form on your website, to full fledged client support centers. I can help you take that next step, and we can work together to create exactly what you need.

Mobile App Development

Mobile is bigger than ever, and it's still growing exponentially. Supporting a variety of handsets across relevant platforms is a reality in today's mobile space, so designing your application to be portable is essential for successful deployments. I've developed solutions that range from elearing applications to entertaining games and puzzles.

Social Media Strategies

Looking to start the next big social network? (aren't we all) Joking aside, whether you are looking for help in getting your new social network up and running, or perhaps you are trying to leverage social networks to benefit your website or business, I can help out.

Search Engine Optimization

Is your website underperforming in terms of search ranking? Are you completely stuck and perhaps slightly clueless in how to make it better? Let's take a look together, and I'm sure we can find some solutions to the problem. There are certain techniques in terms of programming as well as online tools that can help out any sites search engine ranking.

Flash Component Creation

Perhaps you need a customized tool to add to your arsenal of interactive media? Something that would make redundent tasks easier to accomplish, and provides a rich interactive experience at the same time. A Flash Component provides an easy way to reuse and extend tasks that you already need accomplished. The best part is you don't need to know much programming to use the Component once it's completed. They basically become plug-and-play, and are great for designers to add interactivity to their websites easily.

Flash Media Server Streaming Services

Looking for somewhere to host your streaming video? Maybe you already have the streaming capability, but need some help getting everything setup. Streaming video is huge on the web lately. Well, I've developed and worked with many streaming techniques, so I'm sure we can find out what will work best for you.

Game Programming & Design

Games are a great way to engage your users, and can even be used in viral campaigns through popular social networks. They can teach users just about anything, or demonstrate key product features. There's lots of opportunity when it comes to game programming and design, and it's limited only by the imagination.

Blog, CMS, eCommerce Setup & Styling

Whether you need a WordPress blog, a Joomla Website, or a Drupal shopping cart, I can help you out. We can work together to find out exactly what type of Blogging system will work best for you, or how you would like to sell items online with your own eCommerce website.

Website Interface & Template Creation

Even if you are not looking for an entire website to be built, I can get you going in terms of the design and the XHTML and CSS template creations. This brings the initial cost of the site development down, and gives you the freedom to do whatever you like with the templates themselves.

Windows Vista Gadget Development & Apple Widget Development

Sometimes you may be looking to bring a feature from your existing website, and have it live on your users desktops. That's where Vista Gadgets, and Apple Widgets can help out. No matter which type you may need, I'm sure we can come up with some ideas on what might benefit your users.

Email Marketing

The basics of any online business. Keep in contact with your website users, send out special updates or product promotions. I've worked with companies that specialized in email marketing, and have all the tools you would need in order to setup your own campaign.

Deloitte Vista Gadget

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