FLVPlayer.com - Flash Video Components

FLVPlayer.com -  Flash Video Components If you ever wanted to add video to your projects or websites, there is no easier way than using pre-built Flash video components. Our player is one of the most feature loaded components on the market and it was specifically designed to suit developer and designers needs. It provides a fast and easy way to add video content to your website in just a few steps.

Some of FLV Players features include:

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OrbySPV - 360° Virtual Tour Technology

OrbySPV OrbySPV (Sequential Panoramic Viewer) gives you the ability to create highly interactive virtual tours, similiar to the Google Maps Street View, using your own panaromic images. The Orby experience is not like the other virtual tours that you may have seen around the web, where you stand in one spot and look around in a static 360 degree bubble. Orby has that ability, but instead of standing in a single position, you can actually walk around in the captured environment, stop at any position and zoom and rotate to your hearts desire.

Some of the OrbySPV features include:

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