Why I Love What I Do

My talents as an Interactive Media/Web Application Developer include a mixture of multimedia and application development which allow me to create dynamic and engaging projects ranging from full Flash or Director games and websites to web based CRM Applications and Flex projects. Implementing application systems that boost businesses productivity, and creating interactive media that grabs and keeps users attention is exactly what I do.

Effective Engaging Content

Content creation and evaluation is the most crucial element of any project. In web development, design often provides the initial "wow factor". The design and graphical imagery of a website will initially carry the load. However, when a prospective customer digs further into your website, it must be deeper than a few well placed graphics and images. If your content isn't engaging, if your site doesn't offer ideas and conversation, your prospective customers will quickly lose interest.

Dynamic Environments

The web is a common place for people to share information, where we all can come together to connect with one another and to communicate. The technologies that allow you to control this dynamic content and give you the ability to collaborate with others online is exactly where my talents are specialized.

Delivery Within Constraints

Having the ability to use given resources to complete a task or project within defined scope, time, and cost constraint is a challenge that every project manager faces. The second challenge is the optimized allocation and integration of those resources needed to meet either you, or your clients pre-defined objectives and functional requirements associated with any given project. My work as a project manager has allowed me to focus talent on given projects, while keeping within project scope and budget.