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[24 Jul 2009 | 6 Comments | 13,986 views]
FLV Player – Flash Video Component – Now Available at FLVplayer.com

After a recent partnership with FLVplayer.com, and a lot of work developing and tweaking our latest product, we’ve officially released our highly customizable FLV Player Flash Video Component. Have a look at flvplayer.com
FLVplayer supports all of the video formats available through the Adobe Flash platform including, but not limited to, MOV, MP4, F4V, and of course FLV.
Customize FLVplayer to match the look and feel of your current website or project. Modify the component to give it your own custom interface.
Our FLVplayer is loaded with features. If you’re a seasoned programmer, …

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[21 Aug 2008 | 3 Comments | 19,641 views]

Here I have all of the code necessary to setup a simple AS2 flv player using progressive download. All of this script is in the first frame of the movie with the appropriate movie clips available on the stage.
First, We setup all of our controls including our Play/Pause button, Rewind, Scrubbing, and volume controls.
Next, we tell flash where to find our flv file. I have not included any automatic Meta Data Handlers, so we also have to specify the length of the video in order to properly setup the scrub …