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Stream Your Videos Using FLV Player – FREE

28 August 2009 | 15,843 views | No Comment

We’ve recently added some pretty significant new features to our FLV Player Flash Component. One really neat new offering is our Free FLV Player, which allows you to stream videos from Youtube!, Vimeo, or your own sources including Flash Media Server. All you need is a video source, your player width and height requirements, and you can get your embed code in 3 easy steps.

Take a look at FLV Player, and our new Free FLV Player at http://flvplayer.com.

If you ever wanted to add video to your projects or websites, there is no easier way than using pre-built Flash video components. Our player is one of the most feature loaded components on the market and it was specifically designed to suit developer and designers needs. It provides a fast and easy way to add video content in just few steps.

Get your own Free FLV Player here

Here are some more new features that we recently added to FLV Player:

FlashVar Support
FlvPlayer now fully supports FlashVars. This is another layer of interactivity that we’ve created that allows anyone who doesn’t have Flash to also benefit from the player. It provides access to all of the parameters of the player directly from the swf embed code.

We’ve upgraded the interface to allow for individual tooltips on all of the FLV Player elements. You also have the ability to control the colors and transparencies.

Stream YouTube! Videos
Stream all of your favorite YouTube! videos directly in your website or blog using our custom PHP streaming scripts.

Stream Vimeo Videos
Stream all of your favorite Vimeo! videos by simply letting FLV Player know the Vimeo video id.

More information is available at FLVplayer.com