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Socialize Your Flash Content Using Gigya & Adobe Distribution Manager

5 October 2010 | 11,644 views | No Comment

Social media permeates every niche of the web and using the Adobe Distribution Manager, built in conjunction with Gigya, it can now easily be integrated into your Flash content, widgets, and applications. It also enables the tracking and analysis of the extent of any campaigns reach into the social web.

Using the Distribution Manager, Flash developers now have the ability to easily allow for their content to be sharable. It provides code that gives your end users options to share the content to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, iGoogle, Yahoo! and many other social destinations.

The Adobe Distribution Manager (ADM) itself is an Adobe AIR application. The ADM is beneficial for both businesses as well as developers.

Adobe Distribution Manager: Developers

Developers can use the ADM to create new campaigns, and generate both the embed code as well as the necessary AS2 or AS3 needed to setup the share menu within their Flash project.

There is also a Flash Component that allows for the setup of new share buttons, but I’ve found that using the ADM is much quicker and maybe even slightly more simple.

Adobe Distribution Manager: Businesses

Tracking the effectiveness of the campaigns is also something ADM does very well. Each campaign allows for the tracking of Views, Menu Views, Interactions, Installs, Stickiness, Emails Sent, Viral Grabs, Unique Users, and any Custom Events setup within the content. You can divide these analytical results by country and destination, and analyze on a variation of timescales.

Once you have a campaign setup, and your content is ready for sharing, you also have the option to purchase ad campaigns using the Promotion Service. “The Promotion service provides free and paid methods of distributing your applications on social, desktop, and mobile platforms. It also provides tracking with a rich set of traditional and social analytics and enables application monetization through ad-hosting.”

A Few Recent Projects That Use ADM and Sharing

Pearson Education wanted to take a card game focused on first grade math addition skills into an interactive Flash widget. This allows a viral penetration of the game. I was also involved in the creation of their iPhone Application. Download it here.

Yahoo! De Moda created a campaign that allows users to share video content across social media. This allows their website visitors to share the content with friends and promotes more visits to their main site. This widget uses both the share code from the Adobe Distribution Manager as well as the custom Gigya Connect Share Toolbar. I also created both an iPad and iPhone app for Yahoo! De Moda. Download the iPhone app here. Download the iPad app here.

Download Adobe Distribution Manager

Learn more about the Promotion Service