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PPC Brand Building?

21 August 2008 | 3,004 views | No Comment

SEMPO surveys consistently show that brand awareness is the top objective of many paid search programs. But, who would use PPC campaigns for branding?

So is the Internet just another direct marketing medium? I don’t think so. The transformation from one-to-one to many-to-many is occurring in the world of social media. Nothing on the internet fits the concept of branding quite like Web 2.0. Branding is a social phenomenon. Web 2.0 is social media. The desire to fit in is a huge part of branding. Web 2.0 is the sheer momentum of the bandwagon. It is group think, which is what moves t-shirts at the mall, or the latest fashion styles at your local mall.

While viral marketing is all the rage, the means through which a message goes viral is social media. Social media is Internet word of mouth.

The poet W.H. Auden famously said:

“The image of myself which I try to create in my own mind in order that I may love myself is very different from the image I try to create in the minds of others in order that they may love me.”

If you want them to love you on the Internet, you won’t get there by shouting your name the loudest. You need to be heard, but your message also must resonate emotionally and socially with the consumer. If the message doesn’t resonate, it’s just noise and not signal. Those who make the best use of social media are the ones who will be most successful building their brands on the Internet. Social Media Optimization (SMO), not paid search, is the path to brand building online.