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Good Internet Citizenship

21 August 2008 | 2,893 views | No Comment

What is a Good Internet Citizen?

Becoming a good Internet citizen is pretty simple, but by no means easy. Provide a useful service, and do it in a way that makes it easy for your visitors, and you’ll thrive online.

“Please don’t add to my frustration!

Can you hear your customers begging?

“Please don’t make me wait for a movie to run before I can check my order.”
“Please don’t make me search for your contact information.”
“Please try to make this easier for me!”

Listen to your customers and you’ll hear them asking for simplicity when they interact with you through the Internet.

Keep your visitors in mind during the design and planning phase of your website, and you’ll build a better site.

The rewards for good citizenship are greater interest, participation, and loyalty from your visitors. That leads to brand recognition and ultimately business success.

Your website should be intuitive and easy-to-use.
Remember, a website is an extension of your computer. It must serve a logical purpose and perform its responsibility – not just look flashy or expensive.
Your website should perform a useful service.
One of the best reasons to build a website is to give your customers more customer service. Find out what they need and give them access to it on the Internet. You can save time and money.

Your website should be accessible and cross-platform compatible.
This part is simple but one of the most common errors on websites. Test your website on all versions of all browsers on Mac’s and PC’s. Test it with a 14.4 modem! Make sure visitors with physical impairments can access your information.

Your website must be secure.
If you are asking your customers to provide personal information or if you are processing credit card transactions online, your site must be secure.

Your website must be up-to-date.
Why should your visitors return? Because you’re constantly providing new information!

Following the above will lead to great returns on business, as well as provide your website with a constantly growing SEO bottom line.