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geoTract.com Released

21 August 2008 | 3,819 views | No Comment

geoTract.com has been up and running for about two weeks as of the writing of this post, and the users are still rolling in. Many comments have been sent regarding the site itself and lots of feedback is leaning towards the positive side. The site itself is still in Beta at this point, and I’ve been continuing to roll out bug fixes.

Working with the users to complete this project has been more than rewarding, and I’m looking forward to the future of the site in general.

In general:

geoTract.com provides a central commonplace to share experiences and interests in the form of maps mashed with chatting, blogs, friends lists, favorites lists, and general locations. On geoTract users have the ability to open their opinions on restaurants they have visited, post photos of their friends at the club they went to last weekend, or even provide a reference to their favorite nature trails or hikes they have at their favorite camp ground. These experiences are then plotted on gMaps a Google API that allows the placement of markers based on coordinate systems generated by the API. Once a marker has been placed, or as we call it a “Tract” created, users can then share that information with the world, or maybe just their friends and relatives. They can write about their experiences within that geoTract Blog, and post pictures that correlate with that particular area or experience.

geoTract is a new way for people to interact with one another on personal levels outside a boring MySpace type setting. It takes the user away from their reality and into another by showing them exact locations and geographical areas that they might not be familiar with, while still keeping all of the qualities of a myspace setting plus more.

If you’ve ever said that you know all of the perfect hangouts in your neighborhood or city, and love sharing all of those places with your friends, then geoTract.com is going to be one of your favorite online tools. People that are looking to travel to a different region of their country, or another country altogether can look up any spots that might have a good rating by others already in the area. Or, anyone who simply want to keep an online journal for themselves on the places they have been or the experiences that they have encountered, well, here is the perfect place to accomplish exactly that. All of these types of users would find that geoTract.com allows for any of these types of uses, and that actually accomplishing this is really quite easy.