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[5 Oct 2010 | No Comment | 11,643 views]
Socialize Your Flash Content Using Gigya & Adobe Distribution Manager

Social media permeates every niche of the web and using the Adobe Distribution Manager, built in conjunction with Gigya, it can now easily be integrated into your Flash content, widgets, and applications. It also enables the tracking and analysis of the extent of any campaigns reach into the social web.

Using the Distribution Manager, Flash developers now have the ability to easily allow for their content to be sharable. It provides code that gives your end users options to share the content to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, iGoogle, Yahoo! and many other …

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[20 Apr 2010 | 14 Comments | 25,765 views]
Adobe AIR for Mobile 2.5 on Android 2.1

Adobe is currently in it’s prerelease stages of testing AIR for Mobile, specifically on Android, and I’ve been one of the lucky developers invited to participate. Adobe was even kind enough to send over some Google Nexus One phones to get going and testing on multiple devices. (Thanks Michael Chou).

The first thing I’ve noticed when using AIR for Mobile is that it’s WORLDS easier than porting Flash content to the iPhone. Simply publish your swf and use the AIR SDK and Android SDK to convert and port the content directly …

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[4 Nov 2009 | 15 Comments | 25,180 views]
Augmented Reality Using Flex, AS3, And A WebCam

Augmented reality (AR) on the Flash and Flex platform is really quite a new technology, but there are a large amount of developers and businesses that are embracing the use of AR online. Media companies such as Esquire, and technology companies such as GE are using the tech to engage their users both through print media as well as online media.
AR research explores the application of computer-generated imagery in live-video streams as a way to expand the real-world.
The possibilities of how you could use Augmented Reality (AR) are endless. Picture …

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[4 Sep 2009 | 5 Comments | 12,867 views]
Boost Your Brand Awareness, Protect Your Link Data, and Get Your Own URL Trimming Service

It seems that the larger url trimming services are gaining a lot of ground these days, and are churning over huge amounts of urls. This also feeds them a ton of data on what people are interested on the web, which will benefit these trimming services at some point in the future. We’re feeding their databases with enourmous amounts of information on what everyone on the web is talking about.
But, what about ourselves? How does keeping all of my trimmed url analytics on some other companies servers benefit me? How …

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[28 Aug 2009 | No Comment | 15,831 views]
Stream Your Videos Using FLV Player – FREE

We’ve recently added some pretty significant new features to our FLV Player Flash Component. One really neat new offering is our Free FLV Player, which allows you to stream videos from Youtube!, Vimeo, or your own sources including Flash Media Server. All you need is a video source, your player width and height requirements, and you can get your embed code in 3 easy steps.
Take a look at FLV Player, and our new Free FLV Player at http://flvplayer.com.
If you ever wanted to add video to your projects or websites, there …

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[24 Jul 2009 | 6 Comments | 13,986 views]
FLV Player – Flash Video Component – Now Available at FLVplayer.com

After a recent partnership with FLVplayer.com, and a lot of work developing and tweaking our latest product, we’ve officially released our highly customizable FLV Player Flash Video Component. Have a look at flvplayer.com
FLVplayer supports all of the video formats available through the Adobe Flash platform including, but not limited to, MOV, MP4, F4V, and of course FLV.
Customize FLVplayer to match the look and feel of your current website or project. Modify the component to give it your own custom interface.
Our FLVplayer is loaded with features. If you’re a seasoned programmer, …

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[15 Jun 2009 | No Comment | 9,602 views]
FLVPlayer.com – Flash Video Components

I’ve recently partnered with the owner of FLVPlayer.com, and we have some very interesting things planned for our next version of our Flash Video Components.
The name FLVplayer doesn’t limit our video player to FLV video files. Using our component you can deploy video players that support all of the video formats available through the Adobe Flash platform including, but not limited to, MOV, MP4, F4V, and of course FLV.
Playing videos isn’t the only functionality we’ve included in FLVplayer. Go beyond simply displaying video on your site and push your projects …

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[22 Aug 2008 | No Comment | 3,668 views]

With the inspirations of Borris Powell, I would like to announce the launch of BorrisPowell.com.
From the site:
“Luxury in women’s fashion has a new name—Borris Powell. Born in Alabama, the passionate designer developed his dreams of a career in women’s fashion early on in life. Throughout his childhood, while observing his mother preparing for a night out on the town or even a Sunday visit to church, he trained his young eyes on color and silhouette. This is how his lifelong dream began. He would often advise her on style choices …

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[21 Aug 2008 | No Comment | 4,002 views]

I had been using AjaxPress for the longest time, and have finally changed-over to WordPress. Should have made the switch a while ago, but there was always something else on my plate.
For anyone new to my site, all of the articles have been ported over to this new setup, but the dates are now all not exactly relevant to when the articles were originally posted.
To those who are not new…be sure to grab the new rss feed.

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[21 Aug 2008 | No Comment | 2,662 views]

A virtual tour product that I have been working on has finally launched today. OrbySPV (Sequential Panoramic Viewer) technology gives you the power to create highly interactive virtual tours, similiar to the Google Maps Street View, using your own panaromic images. you can check it out at OrbySPV.com. The technology is derived by manipulating spherically projected 360 degree panoramic images to create an interactive experience unlike any virtual tour technology available today. There are a bunch of license options to choose from, tutorials to help you get started, as well …